The Portuguese prefer Internet Explorer but Google Chrome is gaining ground

Data collected by Netscope reveals that the Portuguese still prefer the Internet Explorer browser, but Google Chrome begins to gain a market share.
commerce - Online Store

Europeans feel more confident in online shopping

The new European Union report on ecommerce shows a positive trend in online shopping, especially the improvement of conditions for consumers in some countries, including Portugal.

What is a Registrar?

DNS.PT Registrars are entities specialized in the registration and management of domain names.
The Registrars are accredited by the DNS.PT Association through a protocol that recognizes reciprocal rights and obligations, allowing greater flexibility and agility in the management of domain names by these entities.

How can advertising in search engines boost your business

Advertising on search engines is an effective way to increase visibility and raise traffic to your Website. The ads are triggered by keywords searched by users, appear highlighted at the top or right side of the page, separately from organic search results.
Main advantages:

Professional Email vs Free Email

Sometimes we use services on the Internet without knowing what are the risks we take.

Campaign to double the capacity of Openquest's base email service.

Openquest announces that until June 7 will proceed to doubling the storage capacity of all your mailboxes. Only valid for Openquest's base email accounts.

Openquest - AMA Partnership

Openquest is a partner of AMA - Marketing Association of Aveiro -, having accompanied and supported the growth of this association, which has been creating capital gains and important synergies for the business community in the region of Aveiro.