How can advertising in search engines boost your business

Advertising on search engines is an effective way to increase visibility and raise traffic to your Website. The ads are triggered by keywords searched by users, appear highlighted at the top or right side of the page, separately from organic search results.

Main advantages:


You can target your campaigns so that ads only appear in a specific location, such as a city, region or country. This means you can set up campaigns to be disclosed only where there is potential business for companies.
You can also target campaigns to a demographic level, setting filters for gender and age. This way, the ads will only be activated by people who match the target profile the company is seeking.

Choose the keywords
The choice of keywords to use is free. The keywords used must match the supply of products / services of the company, so the users that make a related search will trigger the ads, finding relevant information of the topic they were seeking. In this context of communication, it is the user that is actively searching for information, without being subjected to non-targeted advertising, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the ads.

Pay only for the clicks you receive
Regardless of how many times the ads are shown, the company only pays when users click on the ads and enter the Website.
In the Google Adwords system, the value of clicks works as an auction. It is the managers of the campaigns that will decide how much to pay per click, which means that the higher the amount paid per click, the higher your ranking in the results.

Detailed reports
In search engine advertising, it is possible to obtain detailed reports with information on a variety of parameters, such as number of clicks, number of impressions, cost per click, conversion rates, average position of the ads, and many other factors. This information not only allows you to have a more accurate idea of the results of the campaigns, but it also provides valuable feedback for optimizing the campaigns in real time.

Advertising on search engines is being used more often, due to the increasing number of users actively looking for information on the Internet, due to the effectiveness of this one compared to other traditional media and also due to the high return over the investment it provides, when effectively implemented and monitored.

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