Web Analytic tools enable us to analyze user behavior on a website, gathering valuable information that allow the optimization of the same, and in parallel the development of strategies for effective Web Marketing in order to attract more visitors, potential customers and even improving the experience of the users on the website. The information collected with this type of tools allow us to have access to data such as:


With our email service provider you can have several features to make you and your company more efficient, with the certainty that you will not lose any email, due to our guarantee of 100% uptime.

Web Marketing

Web Marketing
Openquest has a series of Web Marketing services to ensure that advertising your online business gives you the best possible results at the fairest cost.


Openquest is an official Registrar with several years of experience and know-how in the ".pt" domain name registration. Thus, we are able to accelerate the process of registration of your domain and will answer any questions you may have.


To respond more effectively to the unique characteristics of each client's business, Openquest offers consulting services. Thus, we ensure that the work done by Openquest is the most optimized for each client's business reality and that your investment has the greatest return.

Photos / Video

Openquest has a photo and video service to suit your needs, whether you want to simply put an idea into practice or rather a product built from scratch. We can prepare a photographic session or create your promotional video to set you apart from the competition.


Sometimes it is not always easy to find the time and availability to devote to the content of your website, but without this it will be very difficult to achieve the results you want. Thinking about this, Openquest offers content creation and management services, to ensure that your website becomes an asset for your business.



Drupal is an open-source platform that allows you to develop all kinds of websites and applications: from institutional sites, to authentic communities capable of supporting thousands of users. Openquest has many years of experience developing all kinds of websites and applications using Drupal as a base platform.


With programmers with many years of experience and a passion for solving challenging problems, Openquest always welcomes a project able to test the capabilities of the various elements of our team of experts.

Web Design

The image of your company is extremely important these days. Openquest aims to develop unique, professional and aesthetically pleasing websites, that are tailored to your business and, at the same time, are quick and easy to interact.

Web Development

Openquest has extensive experience creating all types of websites - from institutional pages, to platforms capable of managing human and IT resources of an enterprise. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn how we can contribute to the success of your business!


There is an increasing percentage of users who use smartphones to access the web, so no business can overlook the importance of a site optimized for this environment. Thus, if your Web presence is not yet prepared for this environment, we suggest that you contact us.

Online Stores

Online Stores
Openquest has a solution tailored to your business: from features common to most online stores, to features developed specifically for the unique characteristics of your business.

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DNS.PT Registrars are entities specialized in the registration and management of domain names.