Domain Registration

One of the main objectives behind the creation of domain names was to facilitate memorization of computer addresses on the Internet. Imagine the hassle it would be if, instead of typing in the navigation bar of your browser, you had to enter an IP number, eg, Now imagine having to memorize a large number like this for each website that you visit assiduously. It would be very impractical and, most likely, the Internet would not have the success it has today. Thus, today we have the various domain extensions we know and use every day - the .com, .net, .org, .pt, among several others.

Openquest is an official Registrar with several years of experience and know-how in the ".pt" domain name registration. Thus, we are able to accelerate the process of registration of your domain and will answer any questions you may have.


Need to register your domain? Already have a ".com" or ".net" domain, but thinks it's time to register a ".pt" domain for your business? Then contact Openquest!