Web Analytics

Web Analytic tools enable us to analyze user behavior on a website, gathering valuable information that allow the optimization of the same, and in parallel the development of strategies for effective Web Marketing in order to attract more visitors, potential customers and even improving the experience of the users on the website.

The information collected with this type of tools allow us to have access to data such as:

  • The origin of visitors (search engines, e-mail, social networks, among other).
  • What are the hours/days/months with more visits.
  • Which online marketing campaigns ensure higher returns.
  • Which pages in the website people interact less with and/or leave the website.
  • Among many other possible analysis.


  • Analysis of the interactivity in the website: duration of visit, pages viewed, downloads, newsletter registrations, products added to the shopping cart, sales, among others.
  • Integration and tracking of Marketing campaigns: measuring results of all actions (Search Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, offline campaigns, among others).
  • Statistical reports: where all collected information is compiled.

Web Analytics