SMM – Social Media Marketing

The SMM strategies consist in disseminating information and raising traffic to the website, actively using social networks. The corporate presence on social networks, in the current context of web 2.0, it is essential to communicate and raise awareness of these.

And why?

Social networks allow the creation of content, which in turn attracts and encourages users to share information between them, increasing their relevance, reliability and perception. This type of communication, when well crafted, has proved pretty effective for the companies that use it.

Another advantage of the use of social networks is the possibility of creating quality links to your company website. In addition to increasing traffic, these links allow an increase in Page Rank (relevance of the site), resulting in a better position in search engines.

Openquest provides several SMM actions on all social networks, in many different formats. However, due to the size of the number of users, we deepen here the solution to the Facebook social network.


Facebook is currently the most used social network worldwide, with approximately a billion active users monthly. Therefore, it is important for any business to be present on this social network, thus approaching their existing and potential customers.

Nowadays, consumers prefer to do their homework before committing to the purchase of goods or services, looking for as much information about it and about the company that makes it available. Thus, it is vital for businesses to have a presence on social networks, to show they are in touch with their target audience.

To stand out from your competition already present on Facebook, Openquest can create and implement a tab about your company with a professional and appealing look.

Grab this opportunity and take advantage of the visibility that Facebook can give your business. Contact us for more information!


  • Personalize your page in a professional manner;
  • Communicate information related to your business;
  • Promote your products or services;
  • Interact with your audience;
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