Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful direct marketing tool, which allows you to send newsletters directly to your audience, optimally targeted and segmented, culminating in reports and analysis of the achieved results.

Email marketing campaigns are promotion and dissemination tactics widely used by all types of businesses, regardless of size, due to the fact that, when properly applied, are very effective, resulting in significant gains over the investment.

Email marketing campaigns are mainly used for advertising products and services, promotions, news, invitations, among others.

The creation of a database of current and potential customers is critical to the effectiveness of this kind of campaigns. This datavase should be worked, targeted and utilized to the fullest in order to bring the greatest return for the company.

The cost-effectiveness of an email campaign is very positive, the investment required is significantly reduced compared to the possible return.

Besides the business newsletter that you can bring, this will also bring its brand of your target audience, sustaining trust relationship between your company and potential customers.


  • Give use to your database of contacts to promote your business;
  • Investment is small when compared to the possible outcomes;
  • Openquest will create an attractive and professional newsletter;



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