Openquest - AMA Partnership

Openquest is a partner of AMA - Marketing Association of Aveiro -, having accompanied and supported the growth of this association, which has been creating capital gains and important synergies for the business community in the region of Aveiro.

The proposition of this partnership is the support given by Openquest at the level of web solutions, using all of our know-how. The AMA website, created by Openquest in early 2013, which can be seen on, the institutional video and the Facebook service are the most visible fruits of this partnership.

AMA provides us with all their knowledge in Marketing, in its various components and tools, thereby increasing the competitiveness and, this way, boosting the growth of the company.
Increasingly, it is important to streamline and modernize the business fabric of the region, providing them with tools to level marketing and web solutions.

With this union, we can increase competitiveness and foster economic growth in the region. We intend for this partnership to continue to bear fruits in the future, continuing to create job opportunities for both, so that together we can contribute to the development of Aveiro.