Professional Email vs Free Email

Email Profissional vs Email Gratuito

Sometimes we use services on the Internet without knowing what are the risks we take. In this article we talk about free email accounts and professional email accounts.

The free email accounts typically offer some attractive advantages, such as: space, using it in any device, synchronization, among others.
However, have you considered who pays for all these benefits and services that you use, the servers that store your emails or who maintains that service? Someone will have to pay. And as they say, "there is no free lunch."

Those free accounts:

  • May be inaccessible without notice;
  • Do not allow you to customize your own domain. Ie, can not use the name of your company, which affects the credibility of your email and can make it hard to trust people in your business;
  • Can be bombarded with a lot of publicity.

Disadvantages of using a free email account when something bad happens:

  • Your computer can be infected by a virus, your password can be stolen and your email may be used to send SPAM;
  • Your free email service provider suspends your account without warning, because sending spam is a violation of the Terms of Agreement;
  • When trying to contact then, the possibility of getting your account back  is almost zero;

Unlike free email accounts, in Paid Email Accounts you:

  • Have a high level of security;
  • Can save your most important information, thus ensuring its confidentiality;
  • Do not have to worry about space, since you can have as much space as you want;
  • Support - if you have any problem, question or issue, teams are prepared to give the necessary support.

Openquest, with their Professional Email Accounts service, along with the advantages mentioned above, has to offer its customers:

  • Customization of email;
  • Daily backups;
  • You can have email accounts up to 25GB;
  • You can attach files up to 50MB;
  • Virus and spam protection;
  • Encryption of your information;
  • Advertising is free;
  • You can synchronize with your desktop, mobile or web access;
  • and a lot more...

Advantages of using a paid email account when something bad happens:

  • If your computer is infected with a virus, your password can then be stolen and your email used to send SPAM;
  • Your email service provider suspends your account, waiting for you to contact him;
  • You contact him, explain what happened and your account is restored.

Your email is as important to you as it is to us, because we want a satisfied customer. It is with this objective that we fight every day, keeping our servers always working and with the latest security updates.

Openquest clients, have you ever noticed that these and other services rarely fail? Normally we only realize and complain that we do not have our email when it fails, but usually we do not even remember about it as it has already become mechanical and we don't even realize that we are using, and sometimes we forget that the company is providing that continuous mail service.

In Openquest we never forget you. That is why the services are always running and very rarely fail. And to prove that we think about our customers, we have doubled the space of base email accounts. Learn more about it at Campaign to double the capacity of Openquest's base email service.