Responsive Design

Responsive Design is a way to create a Web page in order to provide an optimal experience regardless of the device that the end user will use to view the website. Thus, the development of such websites is based on a key point: create a website that is easily navigable in a small screen of a smartphone or a huge desktop monitor - including all intermediate resolutions that are seen today.


Openquest, always open to new technologies and emerging trends in the world of Web, provides such a service for customers who want an optimized site presence not only on desktop computers but also on tablets and smartphones.

As a case study, we present the website of Campo Velho, which was optimized for most of the different screen resolutions that exist today. Following this, we created another Responsive project - Hotel das Salinas.


  • Fast and intuitive navigation;
  • Website optimized for multiple screens and devices - both mobile and desktop;
  • Content targeting - the most relevant information is always displayed most prominently according to the device used to access the site;

Did you know that...

Falling PC sales in 2011.

2015 there will be at least one device for each person!

There are more than 3.7 million Portuguese with smartphone!