Mobile Apps

A Mobile App is a software application specially created to run on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. These can either be made ​​available in various markets Apps with a particular price or may be free to use.

With the growing popularity of smartphones and mobile devices, the market for "Apps" is bigger and more important, and with users increasingly accustomed to downloading apps to access specific functionalities of the mobile version of their favorite websites, it is essential for a company not to overlook these potential customers.

Openquest can build an app to help promote your business to new customers, exposing your services to a new audience, or it can help retain existing customers.

If you want a solution that can increase the efficiency of your employees, Openquest can develop an application that will help streamline and optimize the internal processes of your company, thereby extracting the best results from the available human resources.



  • Give your users a more practical way of accessing your information, without requiring an internet connection;
  • Take advantage of the popularity of smartphones to reach new customers;
  • We can develop a solution for internal use within your organization;